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"Nails are what we do. In fact, nails are the only thing we do!"

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Nails Gold takes the natural approach to nail care. Whether clients are in need of manicures, pedicures or high quality nail enhancements, they can rest assured that we only use safe high quality products. Many of the natural nail products used in the nail salon are non toxic and contain certified organic ingredients.

Nails Gold uses the latest equipment such as pipe-less spa pedicure chairs, and individual ventilation systems at each manicure station to provide a healthier salon environment for clients and nail salon employees. To create more value for nail salon clients, we are proud to introduce Nails Gold own signature line of organic manicure and pedicure products. To top it all off, we have also introduced the ZOYA professional natural nail lacquer and salon products. With over 200 premium natural nail lacquers to choose from, clients can be sure that we have every shade of color they desire.

While here, clients can enjoy the company of a very pleasant and professionally vetted staff. Nails Gold facilities are clean, hygienic and has a relaxing atmosphere. We pride ourselves on the quality of our nail services. We are also extremely critical about offering services for a reasonable, affordable price, a price that will surprise clients. Considering the quality we offer, at the price we offer.

Nails Gold